The real secrets of success

The real secrets of success

Wouldn’t it be great if everything in your life was absolutely wonderful? Just think about it for a moment. No worries about money, working in a job that you love, enjoying perfect relationships, looking forward to each new day with enthusiasm and never losing sleep over unresolved problems.

Sound too good to be true? For most people that’s exactly what it is – too good to be true. It seems to be nothing more than an airy fairy promise made in new age feel-good books but it’s not about real people living real lives.
Or is it?

Today there are countless books in the “Self Help” section of all good libraries and book shops that encourage us to follow our dreams and seek the perfect life but many readers complain that such books are unrealistic and promote ideas that are simply unachievable. Like all things though there are usually some useful nuggets of wisdom in such books and like all useful knowledge it is what you do with it that knowledge that counts.

The reality is that most of us tend to get stuck in a routine way of life that prevents us from truly maximising our potential and as we all know following our usual routine requires a lot less effort than making significant changes to the way we do things. The good news though is that if we are really serious about wanting to change or improve certain aspects of our lives there are some very simple but effective steps that can be taken.

For example, if we start by studying the lives of successful and personally fulfilled individuals it soon becomes apparent that there are certain traits or ways of behaving that are common to all great ‘achievers’ and these are powerful lessons that we can learn from. If there are patterns or formulas for success that these people have discovered then we need to start using these patterns and formulas ourselves. In other words one of the keys to success is learning to emulate successful people. By watching closely how they act, talk, deal with problems, communicate with others, interact and behave we can learn some useful lessons.

This is only the tip of the iceberg however. If you want to make your wildest dreams come true then there are some very concrete actions that can be taken to set you on the road to success but like all roads it is a journey that can be paved with setbacks and frustrations. Learning how to deal with problems and setbacks without giving up and remaining resolute and focused is itself another life skill that can and should be practised.

So what exactly are these ‘keys to success’ and how easy are they for the average person to achieve? The answers may be simpler than you thought.

The first key to success is to understand the ‘WAD’ principle. WAD stands for Willpower, Attitude and Determination and unless these three principles are fully employed and understood then dreams will remain forever dreams and wishes will remain just wishes.
The best way to understand the WAD principle is to envisage the journey to your personal success as a road that you have to travel with different tasks that have to be completed as you travel forwards.

Most of the tasks are easy to achieve but, like all roads, there will be hold ups, wrong turnings and even some pot holes to avoid. To arrive at the end of the road you will need to ensure that you have a good map, a supply of food and drink to give you energy and some good walking boots. Your Willpower is like the map that must be constantly checked to make sure that you remain focused on the road ahead without getting lost. Your Attitude is like the food and drink that give you nourishment and energy to keep you moving forward. Your Determination is like the tough soles of the boots that protect your feet from the rough stones or dampness as you walk. Put another way, if you lose your map, food or boots then it is unlikely you will complete the journey and the same goes for your Willpower, Attitude and Determination.

If however you can master the WAD principle then the good news is that there you are well prepared to take the necessary steps to improve your life for the better. Now it is just a matter of tackling the key tasks that must be mastered along the road to success. Let’s take a look at some of the most important of them.

The first task is so obvious it may surprise you and it is this. You will only find success, happiness and fulfilment if you are absolutely clear about what these things actually mean to you as an individual. ‘Happiness’ is a relative term and if you are not 100% sure what happiness means for you personally then you will not recognise it when it comes to you. So Task One is all about having a clear vision of your ultimate goal. Task two is all about making all your life goals realistic. There is nothing wrong with being ambitious but always check that your goals are not beyond your physical capabilities or you will be only setting yourself up for failure. The best approach is to set yourself some challenging – but not impossible – goals. The third task is ensuring that you adopt the right mindset in order to start moving forward. This means maintaining a totally positive outlook in everything you do, not being upset by any temporary setbacks and staying motivated and enthusiastic. This is not always easy but acquiring the optimum state of mind is something that anyone can achieve with a little dedication and perseverance. Once you have a clear view of what you want to achieve then plan each step of the way. Make a list of each activity that needs to be completed to move you towards your goals one at a time. The next task is all about maintaining your focus on what I like to call the ‘big picture’. It is very easy to get sidetracked away from your goals by being distracted. The key is to keep bringing your focus back on track. Always be clear on what needs to be achieved, and by when, and don’t let anyone or anything get in the way. Every small incremental step you make towards your ultimate goal is a step in the right direction.

And finally, enjoy the journey. Every positive action you take in life is a step nearer your goal and it should be enjoyed and celebrated. Living a fulfilled, happy life is absolutely possible if a) you want it badly enough and b) you have the courage to turn your thoughts into actions. Now that you have the essential tools to make a start – go for it and never look back. Start your journey right here right now and I promise you will never regret it.

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